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Keynote Presentations

All keynote presentations are customized to meet your organization's needs and to fit your time frame. We can develop a keynote presentation based on these areas or on most programs listed in our training area. Please call us within the U.S. at 800-886-2MAX or send us an e-mail at .

For a list of our most popular keynote presentations, please visit our Top 10 Seminars and Keynote Presentations page.

  • Creativity Keynote Presentation: Get Back in the Box!
    Upon reviewing the many books on creativity and innovation, we have focused on a new approach with a keynote presentation: "GET BACK IN THE BOX!" Come on! Everyone else has gotten out of the box by thinking, moving, jumping, teaming, breaking, etc. Now everyone is out of the box and thinking like everyone else that got out of the box! To truly think differently than everyone else ... we must get back in the box! This creativity keynote presentation explores the qualities and practices necessary to really make breakthroughs in an era of rapidly changing technology and expanding information. You'll will learn practical, proven, effective techniques that will enable you to creatively "Get Back in the Box."

  • Creativity Keynote Presentation: Tennis Shoes and Blue Jeans - Back-to-the-Basics Approach to Creativity and Innovation
    International keynote speaker Harry K. Jones sheds his traditional business attire to grace your stage in "tennis shoes and blue jeans." There's a method to his madness. His fundamental apparel is a visual footnote to remind us that the latest creative trends in every field are grounded in a back-to-the basics-elementary-this-is-not-rocket-science approach to problem-solving, over-coming barriers, and dealing with the growing challenges we face in today's competitive workplace.  Listen, learn, laugh and leave this creativity keynote inspired to make a difference and eager to apply what you learn as you return to the workplace with a Tennis Shoe & Blue Jean mind set.

  • Customer Service Keynote Presentation: Vigilante Consumers to Raving Fans
    Consumers invest their precious dollars where they feel they will receive the best return on their investment. The challenge to every organization today is to transform consumers into fans ... customers who will sing your praises to others and voluntarily urge them to purchase your products and/or services. This customer service keynote provides the necessary blueprint, safeguards, and guidelines for doing exactly that.

  • Goal Setting Keynote Presentation: On Your Mark, Get Set, Goal!
    Today, we live in a microwave, throw-away, live-for-the-moment society. Successful goal setting is the continual process of making a goal and achieving it, and making still more goals and achieving them. This goal setting keynote helps you take control of many areas in your life so that you can determine where you're going, how to get there, when you'll get there, and what you want to do when you arrive.

  • Leadership Keynote Presentation: Cavalcade of Champions
    Learn more about the winning ways of Stephen Covey (author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart), Oprah Winfrey (television host, producer, actress), Herb Kellerher (CEO of Southwest Airlines), Jack Welch (CEO of GE), Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft), Michael Eisner (CEO of Disney), and many others as this leadership keynote examines those basic, but powerful, common characteristics that you, too, can harness for greater productivity and personal satisfaction.

  • Leadership Keynote Presentation: Generational Gems for Future Leaders
    This keynote presentation is both entertaining and educational for audiences of all ages. Based on the popularity of our blog feature of the same name, this commentary looks back over the decades to many of the wonderful lessons, anecdotes, allegories, parables, and narratives we've experienced on our career paths. Anyone in business for any substantial length of time has had the benefit and privilege to hear words of wisdom from some of the greatest leaders, writers, consultants, speakers and authors in the world.

  • Leadership Keynote Presentation: Leaders are Readers
    This leadership keynote provides shocking statistics on the current state of adult reading habits in the U.S. today, in both students and working adults, and how it's affecting our business environment. Learn what you should be reading, shortcuts and methods of faster reading, and what to do with what you learn.

  • Leadership Keynote Presentation: No Business Like Know Business
    People have to increase their learning power to sustain their earning power. Lifelong learning is the norm that is augmenting and in some cases displacing school-age education. Half, yes 50%, of what students learn in their first year of college is obsolete by the time they graduate! For companies to remain competitive and workers to be employable, they must continue to learn. This leadership keynote provides a strong foundation on which to build your Learning Organization.

  • Leadership/Change Management Keynote Presentation: Productive Chaos - Riding the Wave of Change
    Are your organizational arrows aligned to prepare you for the chaos awaiting you? Will you be a victim or a benefactor of this inevitable trend? The choice is yours! This change management/leadership keynote provides participants with specific hands-on techniques to break out of old traditional thought patterns and develop new ways of thinking and responding. It examines and integrates the very latest research, development, and theories into a simple, easy-to-use formula for success at a time when we're all being asked to accomplish much more with less.

  • Leadership Keynote Presentation: Re-frame for Success
    This leadership keynote reveals a number of examples of very familiar leading organizations in a number of fields, many of their actual reframes, and the positive benefits resulting from their follow-up. Discover why so many organizations and leaders continue to avoid duplicating these obviously successful models of new era thinking.

  • Leadership Keynote Presentation: Round Up Your Sacred Cows
    This leadership keynote shows you how to prepare your people for the challenge of examining your well-worn beliefs, assumptions, and practices and identifying those that have outlived their usefulness. It also provides guidelines for creating an environment in which your people are more open to new ideas, eager to recognize and overcome resistance to change, and willing to take the action needed to thrive in a changing environment.

  • Networking Keynote Presentation: Networking for Personal Productivity
    While networking has been utilized by successful people for years under a variety of names, it is a relatively new and unfamiliar concept for many others. However, in today's chaotic environment, networking is an essential skill in navigating the many challenges we now face. This keynote presentation offers a guide to successful networking as participants examine the reasons for, key points, and payoffs of networking effectively. Each participant will establish or enhance their network before the conclusion of this program.

  • Stress Management Keynote Presentation: Stress: The Ultimate Paradox
    Do you thrive on stress? Or does stress make you anxious? The critical difference between positive and negative stress lies in the way we perceive and deal with each potentially stressful situation. Stress management is, simply, effective coping. This stress management keynote provides a practical presentation of time-tested techniques to reduce both our perception of stress and its harmful consequences.

  • Team Building Keynote Presentation: Developing Empowered Teams
    This team building keynote provides participants with the skills, knowledge, and guidelines to develop winning teams by improving each person's team leadership and team membership skills.

  • Time Management Keynote Presentation: The "I Hate Time Management" Program
    This time management keynote was not designed to sell a daily planner, a diary or a new philosophy. It was, however, created to provide participants with tips, guidelines, time-proven methods, systems, surveys, and analysis to establish a plan for improved task and time management. This time management keynote is essential for anyone who might benefit from better task and time management.

Is your organization interested in any of our keynote presentations?  Then contact us today!

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Keynote and seminar speaker Harry K. Jones

Professional speaker Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

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