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Auto Club Group Credit Union Recommended Cross-Selling Books

By Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

The following books were recommended at the Auto Club Group Credit Union seminar entitled "Successful Cross-Selling as a Team." 

Non-Manipulative Selling
by Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., Phil Wexler and Rick Barrera

Relationship Selling: The Key to Getting and Keeping Customers
by Jim Cathcart

Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers
by Robert Kriegel and David Brandt


Selling Skills for the Non-salesperson
by Dr. Gary S. Goodman

Stop Selling, Start Partnering: The New Thinking About Finding and Keeping Customers
by Larry Wilson

Words That Sell:  The Thesaurus to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas
by Richard Bayan

Publication Date: Spring 2001

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Keynote and seminar speaker Harry K. Jones

Professional speaker Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

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