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Testimonials for
Harry K. Jones and Productive Chaos

The following are comments from some of our clients' letters of recommendation for motivational speaker Harry K. Jones and the Productive Chaos seminar and keynote presentation.

David J. Price, Executive Director of the MARO Employment and Training Association, said:

"Ten minutes into Harry's presentation I could tell by the attendees' body language that he had them hooked.  He drew on business examples as current as that morning's newspaper, and he wasn't afraid to tell the audience what they needed to hear to compete in today's economy.

"As you know, the executive director can be the hero or the goat if a conference presentation does not go well.  In this case, I was a hero.  Harry far exceeded my customers' expectations, and a number of our members are interested in hiring him for presentations to their staff."

Stuart A. Voeck, Media & Marketing Chair of the Conference Planning Committee for the Governor's Workforce Development Conference, said:

"I was pleased to find that Harry K. Jones fit into my favorite category of speaker–educational and entertaining.  Valuable information which every attendee could find usable along with well-made points with current news stories make Harry's sessions relaxing and rewarding.  I was amazed at the amount of information he was able to fit into the limited framework of our session times.  Our conference was certainly enhanced this year by his presentations.  The feedback I have heard has been overwhelmingly positive."

Art Goodman, Human Resources Director for Bed Bath & Beyond, said:

"Harry's custom-designed seminar, Productive Chaos, provided the right message at the right time for our human resource managers.  I wanted the emphasis of the seminar to be on ideas and tools that my people could take back and utilize with our retail stores.  That was certainly accomplished with this seminar

"Everybody liked the seminar.  We received a lot of good feedback from the seminar participants.  Harry, with his extensive retail background, did an excellent job of tailoring his message to our people.  With numerous real-world retail examples, the seminar was well-received.  AchieveMax® definitely helped "Achieve the Maximum®" for our region of Bed Bath & Beyond."

Kathleen Rockers, President of the Ottawa University Leadership Council, said:

"Harry's personality definitely is an asset in any situation and his energy resounds in his presentation.  The best compliment I received was from our advisor who said we had found a 'wonderful speaker' and 'We need him for OUR faculty and staff conference.'"

Scott E. Morgan, Co-Chairman for the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, Tulsa Trends, said:

"Harry's comments were right on the mark.  I believe everyone was impressed with Harry's personable style and helping all of us to start thinking 'outside the box' in today's difficult economic climate.  I hope to have the opportunity to hear Harry again-he was terrific."

Ken Lang, Vice President of Marketing for New World Systems, said:

"Not only was the experience with AchieveMax® professional, but the presenter, Harry K. Jones, was one of the best speakers we have had at a conference.  Mr. Jones spoke on the topic of Managing in Tough Times: Productive Chaos, and he was a hit with our customers."

Karlene Ketola, Vice President of Member Services for Michigan Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, said:

"Thank you for Harry K. Jones' terrific presentations at the Michigan Association of Homes and Services 2004 state conference.  His keynote session, Productive Chaos: Riding the Wave of Change, and breakout session, Developing Empowered Teams, programs were overwhelming successes!

"Aside from the written evaluations, several people shared how much they enjoyed his programs and how beneficial they were.  Harry did a great job of tailoring his message to our audience.  It was a delight working with your organization."

Suzanne Schreiner, President of the Saginaw Valley Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, said:

"Mr. Jones is not your typical motivational speaker. He uses a straight-forward, "tell-it-like-it-is" approach to current issues administrative professionals and others face in today's world. When his presentation had ended, I found myself wanting to hear more.  He did an absolutely wonderful job of gearing his presentation toward IAAP!"

Larry Weishaar, Vice President for Support Services for ResCare, said:

"Working to prepare for this with Harry was a real joy.  I was extremely impressed with his quick understanding of what our company does and his inquisitiveness of the many aspects of it.  His work to make sure that he included all of the principles of our ResCare Quality Way into his presentation impressed everyone involved.  That customization of the presentation and adaptation of our needs was incredible.

"Many folks have shared with me since the presentation how much they benefited from his presentation and the information and the message he shared.  Our leadership staff, at all levels, was able to have several 'take aways' from this part our annual meeting.

"I believe his presentation was much more than just a keynote to our meeting.  What he said to us will carry back into our operations and benefit many more people than those that heard him on that day."

Charles D. Ross, Chairman of the Michigan Apprenticeship Steering Committee, said:

"Our evaluation form is ranked from (1) to (5) with (4) being very good and (5) being excellent. Harry didn't receive an evaluation of less than four! I also received many spontaneous comments from conferees during the conference on how much they appreciated and enjoyed Harry's presentation.

Harry did his homework in preparing for his presentation. He researched our organization, spoke with several members and focused his message on what is important to us as an organization ... What more can we ask for? And his delivery, accompanied by his bag of tricks, kept the audience's attention with his gift of fast-paced humor, while at the same time hitting all the important points of our mission and our vision.

Rebecca Chase, Coordinator of the Oakland County School Business Officials, said:

"Mr. Jones customized his presentation to fit the time allotted in our agenda.  He effectively delivered a powerful presentation that reached all members of the audience and really seemed to provoke some self-evaluation.  The messages he conveyed were clear, concise, and had an impact no matter what the positions the individuals held in the districts.

"Overall, the group found the presentation and what Mr. Jones had to say to be highly enlightening.  Mr. Jones took the initiative to plan accordingly and was extremely courteous and professional to everyone that interacted with him.  It is with my pleasure that I recommend AchieveMax® and Harry Jones for any future conferences that require a corporate humorist or a corporate motivational speaker."

Brian Lindley, Chief Executive Officer for No-Till On The Plains, said:

"I have had the rewarding experience to work closely with professional speaker Harry K. Jones at the No-Till on the Plains, Inc. Winter Conference during January 2006.   Our organization was very excited about the opportunity to secure Harry as a speaker for our conference.  Harry certainly brought wisdom, expertise, and professionalism to 1,600 attendees and was very well received.  Participants were interested and responsive to Harry's message on 'Productive Chaos,' and several commented that they intended to immediately implement ideas that they had learned from his session.

"Harry's pre-conference preparations were excellent, and he custom-tailored his sessions to fit our attendees needs.  Several phone conversations were held before the conference to discuss our exact requirements; this communication was excellent and helpful to all.  A PowerPoint presentation and handout materials were provided to us in a very timely manner and were well-done.  AchieveMax® provided the customer-friendly service that helped make a difference for our organization."

Angela J. Wilcox, Accounting and Business Club President for Manchester College, said:

"Harry was the keynote speaker at the Manchester College Accounting and Business Club Annual Spring Banquet.  The club received positive comments from the attendees concerning the presentation.  I highly recommend Harry as a motivational keynote speaker."

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Keynote and seminar speaker Harry K. Jones

Professional speaker Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

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