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The following are comments from some of our clients' reference letters for our professional speakers.

The first set of testimonials is for the AchieveMax® company.

The remainder of the comments are arranged by program title:

General Testimonials for our Seminars and Keynote Presentations

Dianne Addington, President/CEO of Genisys Credit Union, said:

"Over the past 22 years of my life as the CEO of a large credit union, I can't think of a business partner that has had more influence on my management team than AchieveMax® and specifically Harry K. Jones.

"Up until recently our engagement of AchieveMax® had consisted of one- or two-day events on team building initiatives or enhancing management and leadership skills. Without fail we always walked away with an action plan for execution. As a result of a merger of two $600 million credit unions which more than doubled our management team, in 2009 we engaged Harry K. Jones for a year-long initiative to work with over 70 managers of Genisys Credit Union in order to provide the whole management team with the skill set and tools they needed for success as a manager of Genisys. As a result it has allowed for faster cultural integration and consistency throughout our 25 locations.

"The investment that our credit union has made and continues to make in our management team by engaging the services of AchieveMax® has allowed Genisys Credit Union to build and retain a management team second to none. The performance of Genisys Credit Union especially in today's market is a testimony to the caliber of the Genisys Management Team. We credit Harry K. Jones from AchieveMax® for helping us build that Team.

Maribeth Bramlage, Manager of Education and Training of the Michigan Credit Union League, said:

"I can honestly say that working with AchieveMax® has been the most satisfying of all my speaker contacts. AchieveMax® has added value beyond expectations to all the programs they delivered. What I was most impressed with was their willingness to tailor the content to meet the specific needs of the audience. Words can't begin to express my gratitude for all AchieveMax® did to make our program a big success."

Sharri Margraves, Manager at Michigan State University, said:

"AchieveMax® helped turn our organization around by focusing on our specific problems. The transformation was nothing short of phenomenal. As the first woman manager working with three different unions, my groups and I were able to work through issues like empowerment and change by solving problems with goal setting. AchieveMax® has the expert knowledge and wide range of experience that make the difference for my organization."

Productive Chaos: Riding the Wave of Change

Ken Lang, Vice President of Marketing for New World Systems, said:

"One of the challenging tasks we have is finding speakers that can relate to our customers. For the first time, we worked with AchieveMax® as our source for a keynote speaker this year, and it was an excellent experience.

"Dr. Drake, you were personally responsive to our needs and questions.  Thank you for the personal touch.

"Not only was the experience with AchieveMax® professional, but the presenter, Harry K. Jones, was one of the best speakers we have had at a conference.  Mr. Jones spoke on the topic of 'Managing in Tough Times: Productive Chaos,' and he was a hit with our customers.

"It was a great experience working with AchieveMax®."

Art Goodman, Human Resources Director for Bed Bath & Beyond, said:

"Harry's custom-designed seminar provided the right message at the right time for our human resource managers.  I wanted the emphasis of the seminar to be on ideas and tools that my people could take back and utilize with our retail stores.  That was certainly accomplished with this seminar

"Everybody liked the seminar.  We received a lot of good feedback from the seminar participants.  Harry, with his extensive retail background, did an excellent job of tailoring his message to our people.  With numerous real-world retail examples, the seminar was well-received.  AchieveMax® definitely helped "Achieve the Maximum®" for our region of Bed Bath & Beyond."

Rebecca Chase, Coordinator of Oakland County School Business Officials, said:

"Mr. Jones customized his presentation to fit the time allotted in our agenda.  He effectively delivered a powerful presentation that reached all members of the audience and really seemed to provoke some self-evaluation.  The messages he conveyed were clear, concise, and had an impact no matter what the positions the individuals held in the districts.

"Overall, the group found the presentation and what Mr. Jones had to say to be highly enlightening.  Mr. Jones took the initiative to plan accordingly and was extremely courteous and professional to everyone that interacted with him.  It is with my pleasure that I recommend AchieveMax® and Harry Jones for any future conferences that require a corporate humorist or a corporate motivational speaker."

Brian Lindley, Chief Executive Officer for No-Till On The Plains, said:

"I have had the rewarding experience to work closely with professional speaker Harry K. Jones at the No-Till on the Plains, Inc. Winter Conference.   Our organization was very excited about the opportunity to secure Harry as a speaker for our conference.  Harry certainly brought wisdom, expertise, and professionalism to 1,600 attendees and was very well received.  Participants were interested and responsive to Harry's message on 'Productive Chaos,' and several commented that they intended to immediately implement ideas that they had learned from his session.

"Harry's pre-conference preparations were excellent, and he custom-tailored his sessions to fit our attendees needs.  Several phone conversations were held before the conference to discuss our exact requirements; this communication was excellent and helpful to all.  A PowerPoint presentation and handout materials were provided to us in a very timely manner and were well-done.  AchieveMax® provided the customer-friendly service that helped make a difference for our organization."

Kathleen Rockers, President of the Ottawa University Leadership Council, said:

"Harry's personality definitely is an asset in any situation and his energy resounds in his presentation.  The best compliment I received was from our advisor who said we had found a 'wonderful speaker' and 'We need him for OUR faculty and staff conference.'"

Scott E. Morgan, Co-Chairman for the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, Tulsa Trends, said:

"Harry's comments were right on the mark.  I believe everyone was impressed with Harry's personable style and helping all of us to start thinking 'outside the box' in today's difficult economic climate.  I hope to have the opportunity to hear Harry again-he was terrific."

Suzanne Schreiner, President of the Saginaw Valley Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, said:

"Mr. Jones is not your typical motivational speaker. He uses a straight-forward, "tell-it-like-it-is" approach to current issues administrative professionals and others face in today's world. When his presentation had ended, I found myself wanting to hear more.  He did an absolutely wonderful job of gearing his presentation toward IAAP!"

Charles D. Ross, Chairman for the Michigan Apprenticeship Steering Committee, said:

"Our evaluation form is ranked from (1) to (5) with (4) being very good and (5) being excellent. Harry didn't receive an evaluation of less than four! I also received many spontaneous comments from conferees during the conference on how much they appreciated and enjoyed Harry's presentation.

Harry did his homework in preparing for his presentation. He researched our organization, spoke with several members and focused his message on what is important to us as an organization ... What more can we ask for? And his delivery, accompanied by his bag of tricks, kept the audience's attention with his gift of fast-paced humor, while at the same time hitting all the important points of our mission and our vision.

Angela J. Wilcox, Accounting and Business Club President of Manchester College, said:

"Harry was the keynote speaker at the Manchester College Accounting and Business Club Annual Spring Banquet.  The club received positive comments from the attendees concerning the presentation.  I highly recommend Harry as a motivational keynote speaker."

Roy Sovis, Coordinator, Close Up, and Coordinator for Instruction, Social Studies of Genesee Intermediate School District, said:

"We were interested in a motivational speaker who could use relevant, real world examples to help motivate and convince the students their diligent involvement in whatever they do in life, especially their role as a responsible citizen, can make a positive difference in the lives of others as well as their own lives. One of the selling points was their desire to custom design the presentation to meet their client's goals and objectives. This value-added service became a reality when both the owner and president Dr. Jeff Drake and Harry spent almost two hours with us talking about what it was we wanted to accomplish. During this conversation Harry inquired about the civic-oriented concepts we would be studying during the local program that were manifested in what became a custom-designed presentation that bridged the world of work with what it meant to be a responsible citizen.

"If you are looking to take the teachers and students you lead to the next level of being an effective individual and want to avoid a canned program, we highly recommend you work with Harry K. Jones at AchieveMax®, Inc. who will offer a variety of powerful tools in a humorous, custom-designed, interactive presentation."

Mary Kincannon of Mountain Ad Managers, said:

"Mr. Jones's willingness to discuss the issues that we face every day was refreshing.  He offered a solid approach to finding solutions that provided much more than just "food for thought."  The feedback we received from our members was incredibly positive, and many of those in attendance were able to immediately put Mr. Jones's suggestions into action."

David Jones, National Management Association Program Chair, for the American Cast Iron Pipe Company, said:

"I received numerous compliments on Harry and the message that he delivered to Acipco and would recommend Harry for speaking and training opportunities that may arise.  He did an excellent job at tailoring his message to our audience and used examples that were understandable and familiar with our employees.  Harry was a true professional and did an outstanding job."

Leadership Boot Camp

Larry Weishaar, Vice President for Support Services for ResCare, said:

"Working to prepare for this with Harry was a real joy.  I was extremely impressed with his quick understanding of what our company does and his inquisitiveness of the many aspects of it.  His work to make sure that he included all of the principles of our ResCare Quality Way into his presentation impressed everyone involved.  That customization of the presentation and adaptation of our needs was incredible.

"Many folks have shared with me since the presentation how much they benefited from his presentation and the information and the message he shared.  Our leadership staff, at all levels, was able to have several 'take aways' from this part our annual meeting.

"I believe his presentation was much more than just a keynote to our meeting.  What he said to us will carry back into our operations and benefit many more people than those that heard him on that day."

Scott A. Eckler, P.E., Vice President of LBFH, Inc., said:

"At a recent Future Leaders Retreat, we chose the topic of leadership for our agenda and hired Harry Jones as our facilitator.  We chose AchieveMax® for a number of reasons–their impressive training portfolio, their client list, their flexible scheduling, and also their ability to tailor a program to accomplish our training goals.

"We would certainly use their services again–Harry structured and executed an informative, impressive, and dynamic presentation for us.  Seasoned team members as well as our future leaders were impressed."

Melody Harshbarger, President of the Greater Fort Smith Advertising Club, said:

"There was no way we could have foreseen the events that overshadowed the 10th District Summer Leadership Conference on September 13-15, 2001, in Fort Smith Arkansas. My first thought was there was no way my speakers could get here. The airports across the nation were closed indefinitely and travel by car was remote because of the distance involved.

"When I got the call from Harry K. Jones, the last thing I expected to hear was, 'If I can't get a flight out, I'll rent a car and drive!' Harry wasn't just across the state line; he was in Lansing, Michigan! That's when I knew I had made the perfect choice for a speaker for our conference.

"Harry K. Jones kept over 100 marketing and media professionals spellbound for over an hour and when it was over, we didn't want him to stop. He used his humor to put all of us at ease and had the perfect props to support his strong message. We were very fortunate that Harry cared enough to spend two days on the road getting to and from our conference."

Savannah Craddock of the American Quarter Horse Youth Association said:

"The information Harry K. Jones provided us at the conference was priceless and very appreciated.  Harry would be a wonderful speaker for any occasion because he is able to reach every age group and interest group.  Everyone at the "boot camp" loved his energetic, technical, and very informational approach to leadership."

Toni Cofield of Edison Schools said:

"I've attended several seminars before, and I must say that Dr. Jeffrey Drake was engaging and very entertaining.  He allowed us to absorb the information and discuss key points.  If we were inclined to dwell on a particular issue, he allowed it, without being intrusive.  This was helpful for our team to flesh out procedures and focus on problem spots, instead of discussing theory that had no weight in our practical affairs.  Dr. Drake was well prepared and his background in education was very helpful in understanding what Edison is about.

"Dr. Drake encouraged our team to devise a mission statement and was very patient as we hammered through the process.  We were even more motivated and excited about implementing all the useful tools he supplied us with.  The discussion of successful leaders provided us with ideas to bring back to not only our team but the entire company as well."

Creative Innovation: Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Luke Larson of Holy Rosary Medical Center said:

"We greatly appreciate the fact that Harry had become familiar with our organization's mission and values and made reference to them several times during the six-hour seminar.  As the organizer, I started receiving complimentary remarks about Harry and his engaging program during the morning break and continuing thereafter.  Perhaps the fact that we have made immediate, practical use of his creativity "tools" is the highest form of commendation.  Participants are actually following through on their lists of "forget-me-nots" gleaned during the course of the seminar.  Harry K. Jones exceeded our expectations.  I wholeheartedly recommend his custom-designed presentations."

Tony Richards, President/CEO of Mid-America Credit Union Association, said:

"I am writing to convey my highest recommendation for Harry K. Jones and AchieveMax®, Inc. Earlier this year, Mr. Jones delivered an excellent presentation at our Credit Union Idea Conference, in Rapid City, SD. He enthralled the audience from the very minute his presentation began, all the way through his closing remarks.

"His blend of wit, charm, and humor conformed into his understanding of business, both globally and nationally. The teaching was tailored to our specific needs. He was dynamic, motivating, and effective. Mr. Jones was able to capture the audience's attention with his entertaining comments and sidebars. His business examples were current and he wasn't afraid to speak the truth to the audience, and tell them what they needed to hear; how to compete in today's economic environment."

Kelly Furno, Human Resource Administrator for Aramark Campus Services, said:

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Harry K. Jones as an engaging professional speaker for your next event.  One thing that Harry said that stuck out in a lot of people's minds was 'Keep what's good, throw out what's bad, and add what's needed.' We strongly recommend him and are sure that you will be more than satisfied with his performance as a motivational speaker."

Kathleen Welsh Beveridge, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs for Temple University Ambler, said:

"By choosing Harry K. Jones to present two of our six educational sessions, I learned the value of bringing in a true professional speaker.  Harry arrived early and was well prepared, making multiple references that personalized his topics to our profession and our university.  He also used numerous props to draw in his audience and humorous references to current events that kept our participants laughing throughout.  Harry was a brilliant teacher and entertainer.

"Harry's sessions attracted more than 50 percent of the participants, even though they had two other sessions to choose from in each time slot.  His sessions also received the highest evaluations of the day, averaging 4.85 on a scale of one to five.  Perhaps most importantly, these presentations provided tools and strategies for improving professional performance, which Harry reinforced for maximum take-away value."

Customer Satisfaction Strategies

Melanie Blau McDonald, Executive Director for SWON Libraries Consortium, said:

"We recently had Harry Jones as our keynote speaker for a day of Customer Service Strategies for staff. He did a terrific job getting us to think, to be open to different viewpoints, to squarely see what the challenges are not only for us, but what everyone faces today. This was not a pity party. It was a humorous, honest, engaging presentation that our multi-aged audience could 'get.'

"Are you tired of working with speakers who are unprofessional? Who don't return calls in a timely fashion? Who aren't prepared? Who you have to babysit? Who don't do their homework? I am too. As with so many other aspects of today's world, customer service seems to be falling by the wayside in the area of speaker engagement. Not so when working with the team at AchieveMax®, Inc. Jeff and Harry listen, take your input, do their research, and incorporate your needs with their proven delivery methodology.

"I highly recommend AchieveMax®, Inc. as an organization and Harry Jones as a presenter."

Beth Wojton, Chief of Staff for Maryland Environmental Service, said:

"I am writing to convey our highest recommendation for Harry K. Jones and AchieveMax®, Inc.  Mr. Jones was informative, humorous, and motivational in his remarks about the critical importance of customer service and what elements any organization needs to emphasize as it endeavors to improve.

"We were particularly impressed that Mr. Jones had researched MES operations so that he could make specific observations to assist us in improving our customer service culture.  The MES employee evaluations of Harry's presentations were in every case outstanding.  Many of our staff have indicated to me how impressed they were with the sessions, and that they were looking forward to putting into practice the many useful suggestions conveyed to them that day."

Darlene Moppert, Program Manager of Nutrition Education and Training Food and Nutrition Services of Broward County Schools, said:

"Harry added value beyond expectation to the program he delivered.  As part of his preprogram preparation, he interviewed me to discuss the nuances of our customer base and product line, and then tailored his message to our audience.  He confronted issues that we deal with in our organization by using numerous examples to bridge the technical content of his presentation to the world of school business service."

Teri McEwen, President/Manager of Members "FIRST" Community Credit Union, said:

"I am writing to convey my highest recommendation for Harry K. Jones and AchieveMax®, Inc. Our staff was very impressed and enjoyed it. The Member Service Workshop not only served its purpose about educating and reinforcing great member service, but also worked as a planning session for our staff.

"My staff has ownership in the great ideas they came up with during the training. We have made a chart of the ideas and will address each one and categorize them with importance. I am certain that this training has brought about positive changes already."

Karen Niverson, Executive Director for the
Marion-Grant County Convention and Visitors Bureau, said:

"The presentation included real world examples and practical tips that participants could implement in their own businesses.  Mr. Jones was informative, humorous and motivational in his remarks about the critical importance of customer service. 

"Most of the elements for success that Mr. Jones shared with the group are practices that can be implemented with little or no cost!  Our workshop participants learned that simple policy changes and new perspectives can make an enormous impact on the customer service culture of a company."

Brenda Luczek, Director of Colleague Education for Goshen General Hospital, said:

"The presentation on the importance of knowing your product, what your client wants, and customer service was of superior quality and benefit to our organization.  Harry K. Jones has a way of reaching his audience by injecting humor as well as vital information into his presentation.  Harry not only led a lively and informative presentation but also took the time to familiarize himself with Goshen General Hospital and what we stand for.  He was able to tailor his presentation to fit the needs of our organization.  Our colleagues found his content, delivery, and conviction in what he had to say to be very inspiring."

Chelle Adams, Manager of Training & Development for West Virginia University, said:

"Harry delivered excellent customer service strategies to both the support staff and managers of West Virginia University.  He has the ability to capture the audience's attention with his entertaining comments and sidebars while sharing his professional expertise.  Harry's advanced preparation demonstrates his ability to evaluate the needs and expectations of each group and apply the appropriate and relevant information to his seminars. Harry's knowledge of customer service and his ability to positively interact with his audience makes him a valuable and professional asset for any seminar."

Shelly Shires, Technology Support Coordinator for Baltimore County Public Library, said:

"Harry was great.  Staff members were able to relate to what Harry presented, and have remembered many of the 'big' points he articulated.  It has been more than a month since Harry gave his presentation, and I am still hearing staff reiterate and emphasize things that Harry highlighted for us.  This leads me to believe that his presentation was not only entertaining, but well received."

The "I Hate Time Management" Seminar

Tina Thornton, Coordinating Producer for ESPN, said:

"Harry delivered an excellent seminar presentation at ESPN.  His seminar, The 'I Hate Time Management' Program, was just the right presentation offering a wide variety of powerful tools for our production assistants prior to our rigorous 'March Madness' basketball season.

"The seminar received a lot of positive response. Harry did a great job of tailoring his message to our audience. He used numerous time management examples and bridged his content to effectively fit our business. As a result, the audience appreciated Harry's humor and the unique props used to support his strong message. Not only did they find the seminar interesting and exciting, they began using the tools and techniques the day following the seminar to become more efficient. I received several e-mails indicating their appreciation for Harry's content, delivery, and conviction in what he had to say. They felt that the seminar was a success."

David D. Allen, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs and Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Texas Tech University Health Sciences at Amarillo, said:

"Harry did a great job and the feedback I've received thus far has been very positive ... Harry's program was very well organized and really hit the mark ... He was entertaining, appropriately humorous, and did a good job of demonstrating many techniques that faculty members can utilize to make them more productive while emphasizing and maintaining balance between work and life outside our jobs.

Ann Marie Krejcarek, Associate Headmaster for Academics of Saint Andrew's School, said:

"Harry delivered an excellent presentation at Saint Andrew's School on I Hate Time Management.  The audience appreciated his humor and props.  Harry demonstrated effectiveness as a professional speaker.  I would recommend Harry K. Jones to other schools and businesses for professional development programs."

Michael Freeman of ITT Industries, said:

"Long before his arrival, Harry began by impressing us with his willingness to tailor the content of his message to meet the specific needs of our audience.  We asked Harry to present to us on three different topics. He explained that he would normally spend half a day on each of these topics. Not to be deterred, he custom designed his presentation to address all three topics in just over one hour.  Wow! 

What made his presentation most enjoyable was not just the content, which by the way was just what we wanted, but his style of using props, visual aids, and humor to provide clarity and purpose to the presentation.  To top it all off, he didn't just pack up and go after the presentation, he stayed around and participated in one-on-one conversations with many of the attendees."

Becoming a Choice Employer: Attracting and Retaining World-Class Talent

Chad B. Ritchey, President Emeritus and Conference Advisor for the Association of Job Search Trainers, said:

"Harry has a unique ability to be entertaining, professional, and informative all in the same presentation.  His ability to relate current events into the presentations enhanced their impact and allowed the attendees to easily grasp his message. Harry will make a positive impact and be a valuable asset for any conference or seminar.

"Harry worked with me before and after our conference to insure our needs were met.  Harry and AchieveMax® president Dr. Jeff Drake assisted not only with the professional needs for the conference but also provided input and assistance to me personally.  I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future." 

Stuart A. Voeck, Media & Marketing Chair of the Conference Planning Committee for the Governor's Workforce Development Conference, said:

"I was pleased to find that Harry K. Jones fit into my favorite category of speaker–educational and entertaining.  Valuable information which every attendee could find usable along with well-made points with current news stories make Harry's sessions relaxing and rewarding.  I was amazed at the amount of information he was able to fit into the limited framework of our session times.  Our conference was certainly enhanced this year by his presentations.  The feedback I have heard has been overwhelmingly positive."

David J. Price, Executive Director for the MARO Employment and Training Association, said:

"Ten minutes into Harry's presentation I could tell by the attendees' body language that he had them hooked. He drew on business examples as current as that morning's newspaper, and he wasn't afraid to tell the audience what they needed to hear to compete in today's economy.

"As you know, the executive director can be the hero or the goat if a conference presentation does not go well. In this case, I was a hero. Harry far exceeded my customers' expectations, and a number of our members are interested in hiring him for presentations to their staff."

Sari Jill Schneider of the International Military Community Executives Association, said:

"I just want to personally thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and for being a part of Reveal the Power.  The event could not, and would not, have been as successful as it was without all of your hard work and dedication."

Project Management: From Concept to Completion

Michael Thomas, Deputy Superintendent for Operation of Jackson Public School District, said:

"This year in late October and early November, we held our Second Annual Operations Leadership Advance conducted by AchieveMax®, Inc. The presenters were Harry K. Jones and Dr. Jeffrey W. Drake.  The training focused on leadership, project management, and project teams.

"I don't think I'm overstating it to say the training was a great success.  The supervisors were very pleased with the presentations, the material and the group work sessions.  I highly recommend the services of AchieveMax®, Inc."

Stress: The Ultimate Paradox

Margaret M. Tarr, GRI, ABR, President of the Down River Association of Realtors® , said:

"Harry K. Jones delivered a straight to the point presentation that really hit home with all of us! He incorporated facts, strategies, techniques and humor all in one great production.

The Down River Association of Realtors® would highly recommend Harry to all that would like a straight talking speaker that keeps the crowd engaged. We know that Harry had the challenging task of conveying stress management techniques to a group of Realtors® in the ever challenging and struggling market of Michigan. He really hit the nail on the head by emphasizing his point about "thinking inside the box" again.

"We believe that many agents went back to their offices and implemented many of Harry's ideas and thoughts. Truly a two thumbs up presentation!"

Robert A. Shutt, Director of Auxiliary and Special Services for Marywood University, said:

"Harry delivered a wonderful seminar for Marywood University Dining Services titled Dealing with Stress and Customer Satisfaction Strategies.  Harry's seminar was presented in a professional manner, and his easy sense of humor made it easy for the staff to connect with him and the content of his message.

"As a result of Harry's fine presentation, my staff has renewed enthusiasm about delivering quality customer service to our guests.  Furthermore, they have learned and continue to utilize techniques that will help them reduce the stress sometimes felt in a field like dining services."

JC Craig, Tax Services Interim Director for the Center for Economic Progress, said:

"Harry is extremely engaging. Our site management staff is a group of cynical veterans with lots of experience dealing with incredible stress levels and multiple demands. I was amazed at how Harry immediately won them over and dispelled the skepticism with his sincere and innovative approach.

"We'll never know all the positive changes in our operations that relate to the motivation and new thinking encouraged by Harry's presentation. But I am sure that the AchieveMax® seminar was a productive and motivating endeavor that was worth the fee and the time invested."

Tom Duemling, Secretary/Treasurer, for the Michigan Parking Association, said:

"Not only did Harry deliver a compelling message to our association members, he also helped energize our board, and we gained even more volunteers for our association events. Our association theme for next year is 'Building Bridges Through Networking.' The idea of the theme came, in part, from Harry's powerful message about networking with others. I recommend Harry K. Jones and AchieveMax® to other associations. They provide custom-designed presentations and customer-friendly service that helped 'Achieve the Maximum®' for the Michigan Parking Association."

Developing Empowered Teams

Krispen S. Carroll of the Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee - Detroit, said:

"I have never been a real fan of motivational seminars so I was pleasantly surprised to find the presentation was outstanding.  Even my most skeptical employees were won over and I had 100% positive feedback from my staff.  I felt it was an extremely worthwhile investment of my education budget and was extremely reasonably priced for what we received.  I would strongly recommend talking to your managers about bringing Harry K. Jones into your office for a training session with your staff."

Karlene Ketola, Vice President of Member Services for the Michigan Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, said:

"Thank you for Harry K. Jones' terrific presentations at the Michigan Association of Homes and Services 2004 state conference.  His keynote session, Productive Chaos: Riding the Wave of Change, and breakout session, Developing Empowered Teams, programs were overwhelming successes!

"Aside from the written evaluations, several people shared how much they enjoyed his programs and how beneficial they were.  Harry did a great job of tailoring his message to our audience.  It was a delight working with your organization."

On Your Mark, Get Set, Goal!

Kristine Kading, Program Chair of Michigan Recreation and Park Association Therapeutic Recreation Institute, said:

"'Very Engaging,' 'Amazingly Motivating,' 'Informative and Entertaining,' and an 'Excellent Speaker,' are just a few comments that have been received by the attendees at the Michigan Recreation and Parks Association Therapeutic Recreation Institute held this month.

"Harry K. Jones of AchieveMax®, Inc. was our opening keynote speaker and presented 'On Your Mark, Get Set, Goal!' Harry did an outstanding job setting the tone of our conference in his opening keynote. He was engaging to the audience and kept the presentation light-hearted and humorous without losing the message."

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Keynote and seminar speaker Harry K. Jones

Professional speaker Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

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