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Are You Ready to Thrive
in the 21st Century?

Complete this brief assessment to see how well prepared your organization is to thrive in the 21st century. These characteristics are some of the key areas needed for organizations to successfully navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Score each item from low to high.  When making your selection, consider the view of the average employee in your organization.

Low Below Average Average Above Average High
1. Employee Retention
Talented employees are attracted and retained at a rate that meets or exceeds your industry standard.
2. Productivity
Employee productivity collectively reaches its potential based on skill, technology, training, and experience.
3. Customer Satisfaction
Customers are “raving fans,” more than satisfied with your company's product and service, and “rave” about you to others.
4. Effective Communication
Communications through corporate channels and the chain-of-command provide regular, effective communication, minimizing the need for passing important information through the grapevine.
5. Employee Morale
Employee spirits and self-esteem are high, and the staff has confidence in the organization and its leaders.
6. Embrace Change
The organization and its employees at every level understand the importance of change initiatives and willingly embrace and contribute to needed changes.
7. Employee Involvement
Employees participate in aspects of “running the business” outside of their immediate job requirements, and willingly share ideas for making continuous improvements.
8. Creative Potential
The organization has tapped the creative potential of its individuals and teams, with a culture that encourages and implements calculated risk-taking and new ideas.

Your Score

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Keynote and seminar speaker Harry K. Jones

Professional speaker Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

The AchieveMax® team of professional speakers celebrates its 35th year in business in 2015.
Thank you to all our customers for allowing us to "Achieve the Maximum®" for their businesses and organizations.

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