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Benefits of Choosing an AchieveMax® Customer Service Seminar

Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose an AchieveMax® customer service speaker for your training:

  • Your seminar will fit your organization's specific needs.
    Each customer service seminar is custom designed for your organization. For example, if you would like some customer service principles along with stress management elements in your seminar, we will design the training to incorporate both.
  • Your organization will work with a professional speaker.
  • You will work with one of our professional speakers who has worked in various industries, thus providing you with his vast knowledge of "what works."
  • You can save money.
  • Our professional speaker will present two half-day seminars scheduled on the same day for the full-day seminar fee, which is a considerable savings.

AchieveMax® Customer Service Speaker

speaker Harry K. Jones Harry K. Jones
A straight-forward, "tell-it-like-it-is" approach to current issues coupled with more than 30 years of management and leadership experience makes Harry K. Jones a dynamic and much sought-after customer service speaker. As one client so aptly said, "Harry may not tell you what you want to hear, but he'll certainly tell you what you need to hear!"

Testimonials for "Customer Satisfaction Strategies" Seminar

Brenda Luczek, Director of Colleague Education for Goshen General Hospital, said:

"The presentation on the importance of knowing your product, what your client wants, and customer service was of superior quality and benefit to our organization.  Harry K. Jones has a way of reaching his audience by injecting humor as well as vital information into his presentation. Harry not only led a lively and informative presentation but also took the time to familiarize himself with Goshen General Hospital and what we stand for. He was able to tailor his presentation to fit the needs of our organization.  Our colleagues found his content, delivery, and conviction in what he had to say to be very inspiring."

Robert A. Shutt, Director of Auxiliary and Special Services for Marywood University, said:

"Harry delivered a wonderful seminar for Marywood University Dining Services titled Dealing with Stress and Customer Satisfaction Strategies.  Harry's seminar was presented in a professional manner, and his easy sense of humor made it easy for the staff to connect with him and the content of his message.

"As a result of Harry's fine presentation, my staff has renewed enthusiasm about delivering quality customer service to our guests.  Furthermore, they have learned and continue to utilize techniques that will help them reduce the stress sometimes felt in a field like dining services."

Tom Duemling, Secretary/Treasurer, for the Michigan Parking Association, said:

"Harry delivered two excellent presentations at the Michigan Parking Association Fall Conference.  His presentations on Stress Management with Customersand Customer Satisfaction Strategieswere so dynamic that he really charged up the audience.  Harry certainly demonstrated his effectiveness as a professional speaker and did an outstanding job!"

Beth Wojton, Chief of Staff for Maryland Environmental Service, said:

"I am writing to convey our highest recommendation for Harry K. Jones and AchieveMax®, Inc.  Mr. Jones was informative, humorous, and motivational in his remarks about the critical importance of customer service and what elements any organization needs to emphasize as it endeavors to improve.

"We were particularly impressed that Mr. Jones had researched MES operations so that he could make specific observations to assist us in improving our customer service culture.  The MES employee evaluations of Harry's presentations were in every case outstanding.  Many of our staff have indicated to me how impressed they were with the sessions, and that they were looking forward to putting into practice the many useful suggestions conveyed to them that day."

Chelle Adams, Manager of Training & Development for West Virginia University, said:

"Harry delivered excellent customer service strategies to both the support staff and managers of West Virginia University.  He has the ability to capture the audience's attention with his entertaining comments and sidebars while sharing his professional expertise.  Harry's advanced preparation demonstrates his ability to evaluate the needs and expectations of each group and apply the appropriate and relevant information to his seminars. Harry's knowledge of customer service and his ability to positively interact with his audience makes him a valuable and professional asset for any seminar."

Shelly Shires, Technology Support Coordinator for Baltimore County Public Library, said:

"Harry was great.  Staff members were able to relate to what Harry presented, and have remembered many of the 'big' points he articulated.  It has been more than a month since Harry gave his presentation, and I am still hearing staff reiterate and emphasize things that Harry highlighted for us.  This leads me to believe that his presentation was not only entertaining, but well received."

Karen Niverson, Executive Director for the Marion-Grant County Convention and Visitors Bureau, said:

"The presentation included real world examples and practical tips that participants could implement in their own businesses.  Mr. Jones was informative, humorous and motivational in his remarks about the critical importance of customer service. 

"Most of the elements for success that Mr. Jones shared with the group are practices that can be implemented with little or no cost!  Our workshop participants learned that simple policy changes and new perspectives can make an enormous impact on the customer service culture of a company."

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Keynote and seminar speaker Harry K. Jones

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