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Leadership Modules

Handling Difficult Situations

The AchieveMax® team has 28 Leadership Modules. Clients may select from any or all of the five areas:

Clients usually begin by selecting modules from the Core Cluster. Then they select modules from the next area or areas of greatest need. The modules are tailored to the client's specific needs.

All seminar and keynote programs are customized to meet your organization's needs.  Our seminars can be scheduled for half-day, full-day, or multiple-day sessions.  Keynote presentations can be scheduled according to your organization's needs. Please call us within the U.S. at 800-886-2MAX or send us an e-mail at .

  • Dealing with Change
    Change is, and will continue to be, a constant in today's organizations. It's obviously quite natural for people to resist change and this factor must be dealt with if you are to insure progress and success. This module examines why people resist change; how that resistance affects the employee, the organization, and performance; and how to overcome that resistance to make change a positive force in the workplace.

  • Confronting Issues with Managers and Peers
    Confrontations are inevitable in today's organizational environment. However, the negative aspect arises when a "win-lose" resolution is achieved. This module provides a framework for producing "win-win" solutions through a proven problem-solving approach. This skill is a "must" for leaders who recognize the importance of dealing with controversial issues that are negatively impacting productivity.

  • Corrective Action Techniques
    Corrective action is often mentally linked to having to deal with a problem employee in a negative situation. Yet, many cases which require corrective action may very well deal with an exceptional employee in a very positive situation. The common denominator, or course, is the simple fact that persistent, unproductive behavior must be corrected as soon as possible for the benefit of everyone involved. This module includes methods for taking prompt action to correct performance problems in a very positive way.

  • Dealing with Employee Complaints
    Effective communication requires involvement by both parties. The challenge in handling complaints comes in seeking that balance between being open to honest criticism and becoming the dumping ground for every problem in the organization. This module illustrates how an effective leader deals with a complaint which reestablishes employee confidence and satisfaction and still maintains performance standards and leader-employee relationships.

  • Conflict Management
    The word "conflict" is usually viewed in a negative context. Yet we know that people's value to an organization is not in their sameness, but in their differences. Conflict is the result of differences, not the cause of them. The question, of course, is not "how do we eliminate conflict?" It's "how do we manage it?" The skills presented in this module will help you when you are a party to conflict, when those you manage are in conflict, whenever you're a third party in conflict, or in working with other individuals and groups.

  • Confronting Emotional Behavior
    Emotional behavior is the inevitable outcome of a busy work environment. The occasional expression of emotional behavior is not necessarily a negative thing — except when it becomes so amplified or recurs so often that it prevents people from dealing rationally and productively with those around them. This program is designed to help leaders deal effectively with what usually evolves into disruptive behavior. It must be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Keynote and seminar speaker Harry K. Jones

Professional speaker Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

The AchieveMax® team of professional speakers celebrates its 35th year in business in 2015.
Thank you to all our customers for allowing us to "Achieve the Maximum®" for their businesses and organizations.

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