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Education Speaker Harry K. Jones

For a biography, please visit our main page on motivational speaker Harry K. Jones. This page is dedicated to our potential education customers who want to read client comments from our education customers about Harry K. Jones.

Client Comments about Harry K. Jones

Kathleen Welsh Beveridge, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs of Temple University Ambler, said:

"By choosing Harry K. Jones to present two of our six educational sessions, I learned the value of bringing in a true professional speaker.  Harry arrived early and was well prepared, making multiple references that personalized his topics to our profession and our university.  He also used numerous props to draw in his audience and humorous references to current events that kept our participants laughing throughout.  Harry was a brilliant teacher and entertainer.

"Harry's sessions attracted more than 50 percent of the participants, even though they had two other sessions to choose from in each time slot.  His sessions also received the highest evaluations of the day, averaging 4.85 on a scale of one to five.  Perhaps most importantly, these presentations provided tools and strategies for improving professional performance, which Harry reinforced for maximum take-away value."

Kathleen Rockers, President of the Ottawa University Leadership Council, said:

"Harry's personality definitely is an asset in any situation and his energy resounds in his presentation.  The best compliment I received was from our advisor who said we had found a 'wonderful speaker' and 'We need him for OUR faculty and staff conference.'"

Sharri Margraves, Manager at Michigan State University, said:

"AchieveMax® helped turn our organization around by focusing on our specific problems. The transformation was nothing short of phenomenal. As the first woman manager working with three different unions, my groups and I were able to work through issues like empowerment and change by solving problems with goal setting. AchieveMax® has the expert knowledge and wide range of experience that make the difference for my organization."

David D. Allen, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs and Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Texas Tech University Health Sciences at Amarillo, said:

"Harry did a great job and the feedback I've received thus far has been very positive ... Harry's program was very well organized and really hit the mark ... He was entertaining, appropriately humorous, and did a good job of demonstrating many techniques that faculty members can utilize to make them more productive while emphasizing and maintaining balance between work and life outside our jobs.

Roy Sovis, Coordinator, Close Up, and Coordinator for Instruction, Social Studies of Genesee Intermediate School District, said:

"We were interested in a motivational speaker who could use relevant, real world examples to help motivate and convince the students their diligent involvement in whatever they do in life, especially their role as a responsible citizen, can make a positive difference in the lives of others as well as their own lives. One of the selling points was their desire to custom design the presentation to meet their client's goals and objectives. This value-added service became a reality when both the owner and president Dr. Jeff Drake and Harry spent almost two hours with us talking about what it was we wanted to accomplish. During this conversation Harry inquired about the civic-oriented concepts we would be studying during the local program that were manifested in what became a custom-designed presentation that bridged the world of work with what it meant to be a responsible citizen.

"If you are looking to take the teachers and students you lead to the next level of being an effective individual and want to avoid a canned program, we highly recommend you work with Harry K. Jones at AchieveMax®, Inc. who will offer a variety of powerful tools in a humorous, custom-designed, interactive presentation."

Chelle Adams, Manager of Training & Development at West Virginia University, said:

"Harry has the ability to capture the audience's attention with his entertaining comments and sidebars while sharing his professional expertise.  Harry's advanced preparation demonstrates his ability to evaluate the needs and expectations of each group and apply the appropriate and relevant information to his seminars. Harry's knowledge of customer service and his ability to positively interact with his audience makes him a valuable and professional asset for any seminar."

Savannah Craddock of the American Quarter Horse Youth Association said:

"The information Harry K. Jones provided us at the conference was priceless and very appreciated.  Harry would be a wonderful speaker for any occasion because he is able to reach every age group and interest group.  Everyone at the 'boot camp'loved his energetic, technical, and very informational approach to leadership."

Ann Marie Krejcarek, Associate Headmaster for Academics of Saint Andrew's School, said:

"Harry delivered an excellent presentation at Saint Andrew's School on 'I Hate Time Management.'  The audience appreciated his humor and props.  Harry demonstrated effectiveness as a professional speaker.  I would recommend Harry K. Jones to other schools and businesses for professional development programs."

Michael Thomas, Deputy Superintendent for Operation of Jackson Public School District, said:

"This year in late October and early November, we held our Second Annual Operations Leadership Advance conducted by AchieveMax®, Inc.  The presenters were Harry K. Jones and Dr. Jeffrey W. Drake.  The training focused on leadership, project management, and project teams.

"I don't think I'm overstating it to say the training was a great success.  The supervisors were very pleased with the presentations, the material and the group work sessions.  I highly recommend the services of AchieveMax®, Inc."

Darlene Moppert, Program Manager of Nutrition Education and Training Food and Nutrition Services of Broward County Schools, said:

"Harry added value beyond expectation to the program he delivered.  As part of his preprogram preparation, he interviewed me to discuss the nuances of our customer base and product line, and then tailored his message to our audience.  He confronted issues that we deal with in our organization by using numerous examples to bridge the technical content of his presentation to the world of school business service."

Rebecca Chase, Coordinator of Oakland County School Business Officials, said:

"Mr. Jones customized his presentation to fit the time allotted in our agenda.  He effectively delivered a powerful presentation that reached all members of the audience and really seemed to provoke some self-evaluation.  The messages he conveyed were clear, concise, and had an impact no matter what the positions the individuals held in the districts.

"Overall, the group found the presentation and what Mr. Jones had to say to be highly enlightening.  Mr. Jones took the initiative to plan accordingly and was extremely courteous and professional to everyone that interacted with him.  It is with my pleasure that I recommend AchieveMax® and Harry Jones for any future conferences that require a corporate humorist or a corporate motivational speaker."

Angela J. Wilcox, Accounting and Business Club President of Manchester College, said:

"Harry was the keynote speaker at the Manchester College Accounting and Business Club Annual Spring Banquet.  The club received positive comments from the attendees concerning the presentation.  I highly recommend Harry as a motivational keynote speaker."

Please read more testimonials for Harry K. Jones.

Schools and University Clients of Harry K. Jones

  • Amarillo College
  • American Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • Athens Middle School
  • Bell & Howell Information Learning
  • Broward County Public Schools
  • Caledonia High School
  • College and University Personnel Association (CUPA)
  • Ferris State University
  • Genesee Intermediate School District
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Hillsborough Community College
  • Hillsdale Intermediate School District
  • Indiana University
  • Jackson Public School District
  • LeBaron Elementary School
  • Kent Intermediate School District
  • Manchester College
  • Marywood University
  • Michigan Department of Education
  • Michigan State University
  • Oakland County School Business Officials
  • Ottawa University
  • Payne-Pulliam School
  • Saginaw Valley State University
  • Saint Andrew's School
  • Southwestern School Business Officials
  • State University of New York
  • Tawas Area Schools
  • Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • University of Michigan Business Women
  • Wayne County Regional Education Service Agency
  • West Virginia University

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Keynote and seminar speaker Harry K. Jones

Professional speaker Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

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