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Financial Speaker Harry K. Jones

For a biography, please visit our main page on motivational speaker Harry K. Jones. This page is dedicated to our potential financial customers who want to read client comments from our financial customers about Harry K. Jones.

Client Comments about Harry K. Jones

Dianne Addington, President/CEO of Genisys Credit Union, said:

"Over the past 22 years of my life as the CEO of a large credit union, I can't think of a business partner that has had more influence on my management team than AchieveMax® and specifically Harry K. Jones.

"Up until recently our engagement of AchieveMax® had consisted of one- or two-day events on team building initiatives or enhancing management and leadership skills. Without fail we always walked away with an action plan for execution. As a result of a merger of two $600 million credit unions which more than doubled our management team, in 2009 we engaged Harry K. Jones for a year-long initiative to work with over 70 managers of Genisys Credit Union in order to provide the whole management team with the skill set and tools they needed for success as a manager of Genisys. As a result it has allowed for faster cultural integration and consistency throughout our 25 locations.

"The investment that our credit union has made and continues to make in our management team by engaging the services of AchieveMax® has allowed Genisys Credit Union to build and retain a management team second to none. The performance of Genisys Credit Union especially in today's market is a testimony to the caliber of the Genisys Management Team. We credit Harry K. Jones from AchieveMax® for helping us build that Team.

Ed Beckmann, Vice President of Marketing & Communications of SunCorp, said:

"Harry kept our audience enthralled as he provided valuable information that they could take back to their offices and use at their own credit union.  Great speakers are essential to having a successful meeting. Harry Jones allowed SunCorp to achieve this goal. We heard over and over from attendees that this was the best Annual Meeting we have planned to date, and we could not have received this compliment without great presenters like Harry Jones. I heartily recommend Mr. Jones to anyone who is looking to produce a successful event."

Teri McEwen, President/Manager of Members "FIRST" Community Credit Union, said:

"I am writing to convey my highest recommendation for Harry K. Jones and AchieveMax®, Inc. Our staff was very impressed and enjoyed it. The Member Service Workshop not only served its purpose about educating and reinforcing great member service, but also worked as a planning session for our staff.

"My staff has ownership in the great ideas they came up with during the training. We have made a chart of the ideas and will address each one and categorize them with importance. I am certain that this training has brought about positive changes already."

John Rowley, Manager of Education and Training of the Ohio Credit Union League, said:

"Once again let me thank you for presenting such a wonderful program at the OCUL Teller Supervisor School. The program was well planned, flowed nicely, and was full of practical and useful information. The opportunity for participants to exchange ideas during structured and unstructured periods was invaluable. The notebook was excellent, full of pertinent information, and will give participants a reference manual to use as they return to their supervisory positions ... We look forward to having you back very soon."

Maribeth Bramlage, Manager of Education and Training of the Michigan Credit Union League, said:

"I can honestly say that working with AchieveMax® has been the most satisfying of all my speaker contacts. AchieveMax® has added value beyond expectations to all the programs they delivered. What I was most impressed with was their willingness to tailor the content to meet the specific needs of the audience. Words can't begin to express my gratitude for all AchieveMax® did to make our program a big success."

Donna M. Hulick, Manager of Education & Training of the New Jersey Credit Union League, said:

"Here are a few quotes from people who attended the Teller Training and Teller Supervisor Training:

  • 'This session was fabulous.  Harry was wonderful.  He was humorous.  He offered great ideas that I was able to bring back to my credit union and put to use right away.  I have been in this business a long time and wondered what I could possibly learn that I did not already know.  Thank you so much.'
  • 'Harry was a great speaker.  I really enjoyed the class. He touches on a lot of points and gave me great ideas to use when I returned to my credit union.'
  • 'I thought the program was upbeat, informative, and very interesting.'

"I recommend Harry K. Jones and AchieveMax®, Inc. to credit unions, as well as to other businesses and organizations.  AchieveMax®, Inc. provided custom-designed presentations that specifically met our needs."

Tony Richards, President/CEO of Mid-America Credit Union Association, said:

"I am writing to convey my highest recommendation for Harry K. Jones and AchieveMax®, Inc. Earlier this year, Mr. Jones delivered an excellent presentation at our Credit Union Idea Conference, in Rapid City, SD. He enthralled the audience from the very minute his presentation began, all the way through his closing remarks.

"His blend of wit, charm, and humor conformed into his understanding of business, both globally and nationally. The teaching was tailored to our specific needs. He was dynamic, motivating, and effective. Mr. Jones was able to capture the audience's attention with his entertaining comments and sidebars. His business examples were current and he wasn't afraid to speak the truth to the audience, and tell them what they needed to hear; how to compete in today's economic environment."

Please read more testimonials for Harry K. Jones.

Financial Clients of Harry K. Jones

  • Amway Employees Credit Union
  • Arsenal Credit Union
  • Associated Credit Bureaus, Inc.
  • Auto Body Credit Union
  • Auto Club Group Credit Union
  • Automotive Federal Credit Union
  • Battle Creek Chapter of Credit Unions
  • Capitol City Bank
  • Center for Banking Education
  • CGI of Canada (formerly C.U. Processing, Inc.)
  • Colorado State Employees Credit Union
  • Comerica Bank
  • Community Choice Credit Union
  • Co-Op Service Credit Union
  • Credit Union Executives Society
  • Credit Union National Association
  • Credit Union One
  • Detroit Federal Employees Credit Union
  • E&A Credit Union
  • Education First Credit Union
  • Financial Women International
  • Genisys Credit Union
  • Grand Rapids North and South Chapters of Credit Unions
  • Indiana Association of Professional Mortgage Women
  • Indiana Credit Union League
  • Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association
  • Kellogg Community Federal Credit Union
  • Kentucky Credit Union League
  • Key Bank
  • La-Porter Federal Credit Union
  • Lincoln Investments
  • Macomb Schools and Government Credit Union
  • Maryland & District of Columbia Credit Union Association
  • Members First Credit Union
  • Members "First" Community Credit Union
  • Metro Credit Union
  • Metro East Chapter of Credit Unions
  • Metro West Chapter of Credit Unions
  • Michigan Credit Union League
  • Michigan National Bank
  • Mid-America Credit Union Association
  • Monroe County Community Credit Union
  • National Credit Union Administration
  • New Jersey Credit Union League
  • North Dakota Credit Union League
  • Ohio Credit Union League
  • Old Kent Bank
  • Pioneer Bank
  • Research Federal Credit Union
  • Security Federal Credit Union
  • STAR Mortgage, Inc.
  • Steelcase Employees Credit Union
  • SunCorp Corporate Credit Union
  • T&C Federal Credit Union
  • Telcom Credit Union
  • Texas Credit Union League
  • Trans Union Credit Information Company
  • U of M Credit Union
  • Universal Fidelity Corporation
  • Upper Peninsula Chapter of Credit Unions
  • USA Federal Credit Union
  • Warren Newport Credit Union

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Keynote and seminar speaker Harry K. Jones

Professional speaker Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

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