Earn Their Loyalty

Earn Their Loyalty: Treating Customers and Employees Like People
by Robert Brown, Ph.D.

I truly enjoy storytelling as a means of learning new information, and I indeed respect any author who can do it well. In a mere 199 pages, Robert Brown has provided an intriguing story, great wisdom and has certainly done it well.

The author shares the story of George Corbett, a high-powered senior vice president of a growing furniture company in the American Southeast, who has had it rough the past few years. He takes a solo vacation to Scotland to sort things out and chances across Angus McTavish, Ph.D., M.D., M.B.E., who is an extraordinary man from a small village who, with the assistance of a super computer, becomes somewhat of a mentor for George. Based on this unique collaboration, George learns lessons which will propel his company to the top in customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.

What George learns as a result of his time with Angus and the super computer can easily be applied to any business and/or industry. I’m not going to share the details, but you’ll find the following information very useful in your own quest for excellence, productivity and profitability:

  • The three necessary criteria for hiring the right person
  • The four Cs of service
  • The critical service continuum
  • How to insure that your employees can end the workday happy
  • The importance of virtual customers

At the end of each chapter, the author shares a note page of key points summarizing what George feels will greatly enhance his business. I found these summary pages to be quite helpful in organizing my own thoughts.

In this revealing read, the author also focuses on the importance of:

  • Personal mission statements
  • Customer service value streams
  • Moments of truth
  • The importance of human-to-human connections
  • The critical need for cccountability
  • The benefits of scripts and mnemonics as customer service tools
  • The primary role of management
  • Employee-created vision statements
  • Building team dynamics

The author’s bottom line is simple yet challenging. Creating loyalty isn’t easy. You cannot mandate it, standardize it or make it happen through policies and procedures. You have to earn it.

Earn Their Loyalty provides a practical blueprint which can be successfully executed by any organization.

Earn Their Loyalty: Treating Customers and Employees Like People is available from Amazon. The AchieveMax® company is an affiliate of Amazon.com.

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