The Project 50

The Project 50The Project 50 (Reinventing Work): Fifty Ways to Transform Every “Task” into a Project That Matters!

by Tom Peters

The White Collar Revolution is upon us, and 90% of jobs are in danger of major reconfiguration—or extinction. This ground-breaking new series, Tom Peters Trilogy: The Reinventing Work Series, aims at nothing less than a total re-invention of work (how we think about it, undertake it, bring ourselves to it). The books are in the form of “50 lists”—The Brand You 50, The Project 50, and The Professional Service Firm 50. Each contains 50 essential ideas for making this revolution an opportunity for dramatic change in our own working lives.

The Project 50

Tasks are things of the past. To win today you must master the art of the project!

Technology has changed all the rules. Rigid hierarchies, departments, and job descriptions are history. Today companies are fluid, transformative, organized around temporary networks focused on the WOW! Project … a superbly executed, high-impact piece of work with a beginning, an end, a client and specific deliverables, and an outcome you’ll be bragging about five years from now!

(This book review was originally published in 2000 as one of the Top 10 Books – Edition 3.)

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