Everyone a Leader

Everyone a LeaderEveryone a Leader: A Grassroots Model for the New Workplace
by Horst Bergmann, Kathleen Hurson, and Darlene Russ-Eft

For years now, AchieveMax® consultants, trainers, and speakers have promoted the idea that true leaders can and do emerge from every level of the organization. We have witnessed organizations that believe, promote, and benefit from this approach, and we have sadly observed companies that disbelieve, refuse to encourage, and pay the price as a result.

An employee doesn’t necessarily need a title, seniority or position to demonstrate leadership. Initiative, creativity, and ideas can and do come from every level of the organization. Imagine a company where every employee does what it takes to help his or her organization reach its goals! 

If chaos and confusion come to mind, think again! Spreading leadership and decision-making responsibilities liberates, inspires, and motivates everyone to achieve more and contribute the maximum—making a positive impact on both productivity and business results.

Based on a landmark study that involved 2,000 people across 450 organizations, Everyone a Leader explores the critical moments when employees at all levels step forward into leadership roles. The findings are summarized in five key strategies the authors call the CLIMB model of leadership effectiveness:

Create a compelling future
Let the customer drive the organization
Involve every mind
Manage work horizontally
Build personal credibility

The CLIMB model’s step-by-step tools for grassroots leaders build competencies such as presenting thoughts and ideas, listening proactively, giving recognition, managing priorities, turning conflict into collaboration, identifying and meeting unspoken customer needs, and many, many more.

To remain flexible and responsive in today’s dynamic, highly competitive marketplace, successful organizations recognize the critical need for greater flexibility, knowledge, and adaptability across the entire organization. To do so means everyone must learn to be a leader.

(This book review was originally published in 2000 as one of the Top 10 Books – Edition 5.)

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